JCPRD Trailwood Tidbit

May 2016

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Need to Know Info

Thurs, May 5th: Early Dismissal

Fri, May 6th: ADP (All-Day Programming)

Friday, May 20th: JCPRD Party 5:30-7-Details Below

Mon, May 23rd: Early Dismissal-Last Day of School

Tues, May 24th: Field Trip 10:30-3:30 to Main Event Entertainment (Bowling and Arcade)

Wed, May 25th: ADP on site-Kona Ice will be here!

Thurs, May 26th: ADP on site (Summer Camp Parent Orientation 6-7pm @ Corinth)

Fri, May 27th: Field Trip 11:30-4 to Museum at Prairiefire: Exhibit: Inside The Brain

***JCPRD WILL offer programming the week of May 23rd-27th in which we will provide all-day programming here at Trailwood. If your child attends on a day they are not normally scheduled there is a $20 charge. The week of May 30th-June 3rd, JCPRD will NOT provide programming so we can train our summer camp staff and prep our programs. There is an option to enroll your child in outdoor camps that week as they are offered on a week-by-week basis. Indoor summer camps begin June 6th-July 29th. any ?? just ask me :)

JCPRD Make One-Take One Party!

Friday, May 20th, 5:30-7pm


Another school year bites the dust!! Join us to celebrate!!!

Parents and Kids come join us for our Make-One-Take-One party! Families will be able to decorate pots and plant flowers. One is to take home and the other is to be donated to a hospice to brighten someone's day! There will be food ! and Kona Ice will be there! Come celebrate as we welcome summer!

Please RSVP by Tuesday, May 17th

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Good Times at JCPRD!

Artifact Adventure

A rather new experience at JCPRD Trailwood (due to a lack of a playground ) At Artifact Adventure they practice environmental literacy. They get their hands dirty by creating artifacts and they even have their own bartering system and tribes. They even made their own fire out of dry leaves and a magnifying glass (supervised, of course).
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Program Director: Kelly Griffin

Mission Statement: Developing health and happiness in our community's children through safe, diverse, and character-building experiences.

This will be my third year at Trailwood with JCPRD! I Absolutely love my job and I love these kiddos! I love that I get to teach them about kindness, tolerance and acceptance and my personal favorite....gratitude and giving back to others! I have worked with kiddos since I was one many.... many years ago. I earned a Master's Degree in Elementary Education In 2011 at Rockhurst University. My undergrad was at K-State so Go Cats! On the side I worked in animal rescue and I eat a lot of spicy foods ;-) looking forward to a great school year!

JCPRD Trailwood Out of School Time Program (OST)

JCPRD TW is held in rooms 26, 27 (AKA Rooms A & B)

Pick up and drop off is through Door #10 on the East side of the school. Please park in the lot provided and do not park past the fence. Sign in and sign out is required. If your child will be absent an email is required. From 3:00 on we are responsible for your kids...please help us by letting us know if they are absent so we don't have to send out a search party ;-)

TW Cell phone: 913-909-1838

TW Site Phone: 913-642-6938

Program Details:

We love trees so please go to and read the parent handbook online and please go over the Code of Conduct with your children. We have 65+ kids enrolled in our afterschool care program and we want our minions to have a positive and bright experience! Know the rules!




Info to Know:

Program Hours:

7 am-8:10 (Breakfast provided ) ***Morning care is in room B

3:10-6:00 ( A dollar per minute will be charged for late pick-up starting at 6:05)

7:00-6:00 pm on All Day Care Days

Daily Schedule: (IT HAS CHANGED!!!!)

3:10-3:30 Social Scene and Circle Time

3:30-4:30 Room B will be open for snack and Homework hour or the students may choose #Play60 which is an hour of active fitness in either the gym or outside. Students may play team games in the gym, much on a snack, work on HW, participate in Track Team (our runners and walkers) or frolic outside. (Due to staffing and ratios, JCPRD is not responsible if homework does not get completed. Please speak with your child to encourage Homework time at JCPRD. Workbooks are a great idea if you would like to purchase one to leave here so there is always something they can work on. Each student is given a writing journal here as well. Homework is not allowed on iPads.)

4:30-6:00 Free play and Activity Clubs such as Cooking Club, Nature Club, Art Club, Culture Club, STEM Club, Sign Language Club, Writing Club, etc. will be available for kids to choose from in rooms A, B and C.

******Please note:

TW JCPRD is......iPads FREE! I have chosen to be screen-time-free. All iPads and electronics are to stay in your child's backpacks. This is to encourage fitness and creative play. Save the iPads for home. Thank you for your support.

JCPRD Trailwood Staff Members