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5-12 Happenings

What's New?

  • Thanks to everyone who completed the First 30 days Survey! The administration & TLC team appreciate the feedback and will work on meeting with you to provide you with the support and resources that you may need.
  • Interventions & Progress monitoring is underway in the 5th and 6th grade classrooms, based on the FAST data, keeping our teachers hard at work!
  • HS-P3 update went well! If you need help putting them into your folder let me know!

APL Focus- Closure

Jigsaw Strategy

Jigsaw is a cooperative learning strategy that gives all students an opportunity to participate and help each other build comprehension. Each group member is an "expert" at their specific topic/section; once they have mastered their topic/section they teach it to other classmates from different groups. The students learn from each other and learn the material in an engaging way. Here is a video explaining the strategy.

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