Epic! for Educators

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Are You Using Epic! In Your Classroom Yet?

Thousands of teachers are using Epic! to bring high-quality children’s fiction and non-fiction books into their classrooms. Did you know that Epic! is absolutely free to all elementary school teachers and librarians?

Curious How you Can Integrate Epic! Into your Classroom Instruction?

  1. Use Epic! for the "Listening" portion of Daily 5 using Read-to-Me and Audiobooks
  2. Project Epic! on your interactive whiteboard to teach a specific skill or strategy
  3. Use non-fiction books for research projects, such as reports on animals
  4. Students create a "wish list" of books and then partner up to explain that list
  5. Epic! is perfect for Read Aloud, Shared Reading & Independent Reading Time
  6. Students create book reviews and recommend favorites to classmates
  7. Expose students to different expressions and intonations using Read-to-Me book

  8. Compare two books by the same author

  9. Perform experiments using ideas in Epic!'s STEM books

  10. Create book commercials using multimedia tools such as iMovie, Telestory or ChatterPix

Tech Integration Assistance?

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