The Pledge Of Alligance

Reagan Roberts

Facts Of Pledge Of Alligance

1. Youth Campanion Magizine published it

2. It was created by Francias Bellany.

3. U.S citizens put their right hand on their heart when they say it.

4. It was made to celebrate the 400th year America was discoverd.

5. It was discoverd in Boston, Masssachusetts in 1892.

6. You must show respect while saying it.

Why the Pledge Of a Alligence to our country

The pledge of Alligance is important to our country because it reminds Americans about our rights and how we are free. Most Countries don't get to do what Americans can do. The soldiers who give their lives so we can be free. So the The Pledge Of Alligance

is something to remember them by.

Interesting fact about the pledge of Alligance

Did you Know " Under God" wasn't added until June 14, 1952.

Trivia Question

Who helped Francias Bellany right the Pledge of Alligance?