Reading /oo/

Lesson Objectives

  • I can blend and read words with the /oo/ sound.

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Watch and interact with the video lesson below. It is a long one! Take a wiggle break if you need to.
Listen to the Directions!

Click to listen, then close your tab to return to this page.

Wonders Phonics Lesson-Online Learning


  1. Return to Clever
2. Login to McGraw-Hill
3. Open Grade 1 Wonders 2020
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4. Go to your TO DO button. It will show you the number of things assigned to you.

(Some of them may be from past lessons.)

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5. Complete all activities waiting for you! Today's assignments are:
  • Phonics Activity
  • A Good Cook (Decodable Reader)
  • Phonics Practice Book Page 227
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