Dear Parents,

We hope you had a very nice Thanksgiving. Also we want to thank all the parents for attending the conferences last week. It was good to hear how the children are doing at home with all the things they are learning at school. This helps us insure that we can help with their individual growth and success at school.

When you receive your homework folder on December 7th, you may find a behavior chart for you to review and sign. Please return in the homework folder at the end of the week. If your child does not have a behavior chart, that means they had a great week. As behavior challenges escalate, we need to keep you informed of changes in their behavior.

Holiday season excitement sometimes provokes excess energy and emotions that are hard for them to control.

Fulcrum Tuition Assistance Application for 2016-17. Deadline December 4th!! The window of time has opened for next year’s tuition assistance application. This is an opportunity to receive $1100 for each child in grades K-8, based on a family’s income level. You can apply at This application is available in both Spanish and English. As we prepare for tuition contract meetings this Spring, please note that families will not be eligible for any financial assistance through Holy Rosary school UNLESS they have first applied through the Fulcrum Foundation. This means that no contracts will be negotiated without applying first thorugh Fulcrum. Berenice (at the Front Desk) is happy to help parents complete the online application. If you need to schedule a time to meet with her to go through the application, please mail her at Applications must be completed by Friday, Dec. 4th.

Show and Tell. This Friday December 4th, numbers from 1-10 should bring an item from home that fits in their backpack (no bigger). Your child has to be ready to answer the following questions: ¿Qué es?/What is it?, Es . . . /It is . . . and describe it.

Curriculum News:

Oral Language:

Review of the attributes of fruits, vegetables, grains and proteins. We are going to do the activity of MiPlato where the children are going to pick/choose and complete their plate with one of these type of food.

Also we are going to finish the theme of Community helpers that provide a service such as: Delivering mail, picking the trash, cutting hair, grooming dogs, or checking out books at the library.

Vocabulary. Carrier Mail – cartero, picking up the trash – basurero, hair dresser – peluquero, librarian – bibliotecaria.

Religion: This week the children will learn that we prepare for Jesus’ birthday by being kind and loving. We will talk about Advent. Example: Why does the priest wear purple clothing? etc.

Suggestions for this season of Advent:

• Set up a manger scene at home

• Take your child with you to deliver food and clothing to people who need them

• Join a group of Christmas carolers with your child

• Help your child make homemade gifts for family members.

• Have a prayer service to bless your Christmas tree or manger scene. Catholic Household Blessings and Prayers, published by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, offers many ideas for family prayers, such as Christmas blessings.

• Read to your chilld Waiting for Christmas: A Story About the Advent Calendar by Kathleen Long Bostrom. Help your child count the number of days until Christmas. Pray for God’s blessing as your family prepares to celebrate Christ’s birth.

Estrellitas Phonics: The letter Aa is our focus. We are learning a song about an airplane(avion). We are also writing the letters and hearing stories about the Letter Aa .


• Wednesday Dec. 2nd. Picture retakes.

• Thurs, Mass at 9 am

• Friday Dec. 4th. Pay to dress (just to inform you that from now on the $2 must be paid in the office)

Christmas program will be at 6:30 p.m. on December 17th. The children in Pre-K 4 will perform "Fum, Fum, Fum" a spanish Christmas carol. They need to wear Christmas colored clothing. Over their clothing they will wear a giant star with the picture of Baby Jesus. We will prepare stars at school.

Full day of school on December 18th with our Christmas party to end the day!


Sra. Raquel L., Sra. Farías and Sra. Laura P.