December Team Highlights

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Hello there fabulous stylists! Congratulations on a truly incredible holiday season!

From holiday shoppers to Dot Dollars redemptions, and all the fun in between, I hope you LOVED that last paycheck of your 2015! THANK YOU for working your businesses, cheering each other on, and trusting in me! I loved watching you all SHINE throughout the holiday season, and I am so grateful for your efforts. We are now at month 2 of being a Director team, halfway to earning Heart of Leadership! Two more months of hitting Director and we will earn this amazing achievement! I know we can! XOXO

Did you know that stylists who attend meetups are 6X more successful? A good reason to go! Get connected! I hope you will be able to join us at one or more of these upcoming events:

DC meetup 1/26 with Kristin Biggs:


Philadelphia Spring Rally (King of Prussia) 1/12 with Colleen Lunsford:

Please register here:

Philadelphia Spring Rally (Plymouth Meeting) 1/12 with Stef Ott:

Please register here:

Pittsburgh area stylists meetup 1/11:

Please register here:

Home Office Scoop!

Next Opportunity Call is THURSDAY Jan 7th!

Invite your potentials through the FB event:

Spring Collection 2016 launches this week!

Log in to the lounge and get the full scoop here:

And if you missed the webcast, log in to the lounge and then click here to watch!

Shout out to all of these fabulous stylists who had sales in December! You contributed to our team volume of $52,116! THANK YOU for working your businesses, whether you sell one pair of earrings or have 4+ trunk shows, it all counts for our team!

Sonja Henderson

Laura Carranza

Janelle Spraggins

Tiffany Young

Stacey Dangel

Angela Finelli

Lauresa T Washington McCoy

Marsha Lewis

Hien Pham

Lorna Bautista

Kristen Cuniak

Jennifer Brady

Heather Long

Lara Toler

Suzanne Cross

Bernice Innocent

Jessica Norris

Deanna Smith

Nakita Benson

Nicole Cugliari


Kary James

Kia Smith

Shannon Cuniak

These stylists all qualified by selling $500+, and are earning business supply credits and the opportunity to get leads from the Home Office!

Andrine Walker

Megan Booz

Renee Powell

Phuong Besancon

Laura Orehowsky

Alyssa Bert

Ashley Baker

Rebecca Friedenberg

Carrie Bierlein

Nicole Ellick

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Congratulations Shauna Polito and team!

What a way to go out with a bang and rock right into a new year with this team promotion! Shauna balances her busy family life with running her S&D business consistently each month. Shauna came into this business as a rockstar right from the start, scoring herself tons of JumpStart product credit and an early promotion thanks to the smart coaching of her upline and cousin Korin Coppeta and the addition of teammate Marissa Lombardo! Since then, Shauna has been consistently having trunk shows each month which have resulted in her strong sales. With the addition of two new teammates, Jess Bickers and Heather Long, this team only got stronger and I know their future is bright!

Congratulations on promoting to Senior Stylist and enjoy your $250 first-time promotion bonus! Another $250 bonus awaits if you hit your payrank again within 6 months!

Special THANK YOU to these AMAZING leaders for hitting leader payranks (career or higher)! Earning your payrank takes true teamwork to accomplish, and when stylists earn payrank it also helps our team to hit goals! Thank you for leading your teams!

Kristin Biggs, Star Stylist

Korin Copetta, Star Stylist

Shauna Polito, Senior Stylist

Amber Norwood, Associate Stylist

Jodie Okonowicz, Associate Stylist

Nicole Ellick, Lead Stylist

Andrine Walker, Lead Stylist

Megan Booz, Lead Stylist

Laura Orehowsky, Lead Stylist

Top 10 in personal sales for Q4

Bethany Underwood 35,813.83 TQV

Kristin Biggs 13,380.76

Amber Norwood 10,339.69

Korin Coppeta 9,980.88

Joanna Okonowicz 8,740.05

April Whitbred 8,407.31

Andrine Walker 7,379.44

Amie Myrick 6,161.11

Deborah Vaughan 5,738.25

Ashley Baker 5,573.18

Shauna Polito 5,437.17

Top 10 performers (Sales/Sponsoring/Trunk Shows) for 2015

Congratulations to our incredible team of top performers in 2015! These stylists are not only leaders in sales, sponsoring, and trunk shows-- they do it consistently which has resulted in many promotions too! Thank you for an incredible year, and I can't wait to see what you all do in 2016! #blowitup !!

Bethany Underwood 104224.88 TQV, 10 new stylists, 85 trunk shows

Korin Coppeta 33723.05 TQV, 5 new stylists, 37 trunk shows

Kristin Biggs 32952.52 TQV, 11 trunk shows

Joanna Okonowicz 23184.79 TQV, 3 new stylists, 21 trunk shows

Shauna Polito 19783.9 TQV, 3 new stylists, 32 trunk shows

Deborah Vaughan 16998 TQV, 24 trunk shows

Amber Norwood 16425.26 TQV, 2 new stylists, 28 trunk shows

April Whitbred 15304.19 TQV, 25 trunk shows

Trina Gooden 14194.33 TQV, 1 new stylist, 19 trunk shows

Andrine Walker 12379.45 TQV, 4 new stylists, 22 trunk shows

Laura Carranza 9820.4 TQV, 2 new stylists, 17 trunk shows

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