Marriage in Nigeria

By Tyler Young

The many different forms of Marriages in Nigeria

  • Three types of marriages in Nigeria today, Religious, Civil and Traditional
  • A Nigerian couple may choose to take part in one or all of these types
  • Religious marriages, christian or muslim, are done by the respective religious teachings of that particular religion
  • Christian males are allowed to take only one wife, while Muslim men can take up to four
  • Civil marriages allow one wife regardless of religion
  • Traditional marriages are performed according to the customs of ethnic groups involved, with most groups allowing for more than one wife.

Polygamist marriage in Nigerian families

  • Polygamy is a common practice among Nigerian families
  • In a polygamist family, the wives are responsible for caring and feeding her own children
  • The wives will take turns caring for and feeding the husband
  • Husbands are the main authority figure in the household
  • Family units are very large in size, with some having ten or more
  • In some ethic groups, the more the children he has the higher the mans standing in his peers eyes

Wedding Ceremonies