Charles Ellis Montessori Academy, March 8, 2021

To Educate The Whole Child for a Whole World

“The children each silenced their own movements and produced a collective quiet that was for them a profound experience.”

Dr. Maria Montessori

“True silence is the rest of the mind; it is to the spirit what sleep is to the body, nourishment and refreshment.” (William Penn)

During the closure of school, it was wonderful to hear, through my office window, the noise of the frogs and toads who frequented our school pond. It was a hopeful break in the silent silo of my day. However, how much more wonderful it has been to hear the loud proclamations of adolescents and squeals of younger children as they socialize around the same pond. These are joyful interruptions and I have no intention of reducing the volume.

However, it also reminds me of the power of silence and how Montessori has given this as a practice to the children and we adults. I have included a link to an overview of the purpose of silence game and I invite you to practice this at home and in those environments where stressful noise both technical and emotional has blasted its way into our lives.


May the universe speak into the silence.

Important Dates

March 8- Choice Program Lottery

March 8-10- Cohort A In-Person Instructional Days (Cohort B- Virtual Instructional Days)

March 11-12- Cohort B In-Person Instructional Days (Cohort A- Virtual Instructional Days)

March 12- End of Third Nine-Week Period

March 15- Beginning of Fourth Nine-Week Period

March 17- St. Patrick's Day- No School!

March 29-April 2- Spring Break!


Congratulations to Ellis 8th grade student, Campbell Tunney, who made first chair for tuba in the GMEA All-State Band. This means that his audition on the tuba scored higher than any other student in the state of Georgia! Under normal circumstances, Campbell would now have the opportunity to play in an ensemble with other students in the state, but, due to Covid, the experience will be virtual this year.

We are so happy to see Campbell's hard work rewarded.

Great job on this wonderful accomplishment!

Dismissal Procedure for Car Riders

To mitigate traffic issues at dismissal, cars should turn on to 49th Street from Reynolds (not from Battey as you would at morning drop off). Thank you for helping us keep car rider dismissal running as smoothly as possible.

Charles Ellis Night at Savannah Bananas

When: Friday, May 28th, 2021

What: Savannah Bananas game admission with unlimited hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, popcorn, cookies, soda, and water

How Much: $18 (Kids 3 and Under are free!)

Join the fun as the Savannah Bananas take on the Lexington County Blowfish! Order your all-inclusive tickets online and pick up at the game.

Gates open at 5:30pm and the game starts at 7pm.

A portion of each ticket sold at the link below will be donated to the Ellis PTA. Tickets are limited, so order today!

Order your tickets here: https://ellispta.memberhub.store/store

Practical Life Skill

Parents/guardians, please help your student(s) get in the habit of charging their Chromebook BEFORE coming to school. With Covid distancing protocols, it is very difficult to charge a device in the classroom when it is in use. Classrooms are not equipped with enough charging stations that are safely distanced to accommodate multiple students needing to charge their devices at the same time.

A good habit would be to plug in the device as soon as you get home from school and unplug/put it in the backpack before your student goes to bed. A full battery will last the entire school day.

Thank you for helping instill this practical life skill into your student's routine.

Time to Clear Your Browser Cache/Cookies

It is a new month. Let's do some Spring cleaning! Remind your student to clear their Chromebook cache/cookies on a regular basis to keep their device running smoothly:

Instructions for Clearing Cache/Cookies from Chrome Browser- On step 3, change the time range to "All Time" instead of the "Last Hour" which is the default setting.

Hybrid Learning Device Distribution

Update: We still have quite a few families who have not returned the signed "Student Learning Device Loan Form." This form must be on file for every student who has returned to the building in cohort A or B. If you have not received the form or you do not know where it is, please email Ms. Lisa so she can send another one home with your student.

If you have any questions, email Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

Our School Needs You!

If you have been looking for a way to be more active in our school community, now is your opportunity! Our PTA Executive Leadership Board's term is complete at the end of this school year, and we need new volunteers to step up and take the helm. We are seeking nominations for 2 Co-Presidents.

The Charles Ellis PTA organizes and raises funds to provide fun and support for our school community. Fall Festival? That's PTA. Valentine's Day Treat Bags for Teachers? That's PTA. Substantial grants for Teacher Wish Lists? PTA. Shade Trees on the playground? PTA. Classroom Air Purifiers and replacement HEPA filters. PTA provided those. Bobcat Fun Run / Dance A Thon. Most definitely PTA.

Board members serve a two-year term. After several successful years of having co-presidents, the current board can tell you that many hands make light work, and that having a partner in crime is more fun.

If you would like to nominate yourself and/or a friend, please email the Nominating Committee Chair Sarah Smith: sbockelsmith@gmail.com.

PTA Nominating Committee:

Sara Hartley

Yael Elfassy

Mary Britton Senseney

Sarah Smith

Lori Wynn

Counselor's Corner

In conjunction with The Collegiate Church of St. Paul the Apostle, our Backpack Buddies food program is available for any students in need. If your child or someone you know could benefit from a bag of food for the weekends, please contact Ms. Rebecca, our school counselor.

8th grade families, as we learn about high school info sessions, we will let you know via your teachers. So far, we are aware of the following Zoom virtual info sessions for rising 9th graders and their families. More will be coming and may be advertised directly on each high school's website.

Check out the resources and activities on the School Counseling Website and reach out if you need anything!

Ms. Rebecca, School Counselor

912-395-5470 x2


or you can message me on ItsLearning

Big picture

Hybrid Learning Reminders

  1. Please place the name of your student(s) on the passenger side dashboard for morning arrival and afternoon dismissal.
  2. All vehicle occupants should wear masks at arrival and dismissal.
  3. The arrival COVID-19 assessment is on 48th Street from 7:15a.m.-7:45a.m. If you arrive later, you will need to walk your student(s) up to the front door to sign the tardy sheet and place the wrist band on your student(s) after COVID-19 assessment.
  4. Dismissal for car riders. Cars must travel westward from Reynolds to Habersham. Battey Avenue will not be used as an access route.
  5. Items cannot be dropped-off for students.
  6. All students returning to our school building are required to have the COVID-19 Screening Questions for Students completed and submitted by you each morning on the days they are reporting to the building.

Please use this link or the QR Code below and save this for easy accessibility each day. Siblings can be placed on one questionnaire.

Library Book Collection

For students who have returned to the building, we are asking that you please return any library books that you may have checked out last semester or last school year( if at all possible). If you need a list of what your student may have checked out, email Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

Limited Supply of Chromebook Cases Available

If your student is bringing their SCCPSS device back and forth to school, Ms. Lisa has a limited supply of USED chromebook cases with straps (that have been cleaned and sanitized) available for your student's use (see attached picture).

Because of the limited supply, these cases are available by request only on a first come, first served basis.

If you are interested in receiving one of these cases, please contact Ms. Lisa (lisa.odonnell@sccpss.com).

PTA Culture Fest

Thank you to everyone who submitted a video for the annual PTA Culture Fest. If you were not able to join, you can view the submissions at the links on the Ellis website.

School-Wide Grace & Courtesy Focus

The Language for Identifying/Naming the Qualities of Peace from the "Self- Awakened Child" series by Jonathan Wolff:

  • When I feel calm and quiet inside, when I do not let anyone or anything take away my calmness and quiet, I am feeling and being Peaceful.
  • When I try to understand another person's feelings and thoughts, when I talk with him about our problems instead of hurting him or hitting him, I am being Peaceful.
  • When I feel angry or scared and I help myself feel calm and quiet inside instead of hurting someone or telling someone to go away, I am practicing Peacefulness.

SCCPSS MAP Assessment Update

Update from the SCCPSS District:

Due to the potential changes in our instructional virtual/in-person delivery model, the decision was made to eliminate MAP Reading and Math Readiness Assessment. This assessment is scheduled to occur March 1 through March 26, and we felt with the fluctuations in dealing with the pandemic this time period would be better served on student instructional delivery. Schools will use their local assessment tools to measure student achievement and provide support services.

Device Grace & Courtesy

If your student has a SCCPSS device, please encourage them to use grace and courtesy with the device as they would with any classroom material.

Please do not allow them to add stickers to, draw on, or carve into the device. Also, please do not allow your child to eat or drink around these devices as liquid and crumbs can cause major issues with how they function.

These devices are property of SCCPSS and they should be treated as any other borrowed material by taking care of it as you would want your own things taken care of. Thank you for your help with this practical life skill.

From the Clinic

Please read the attached flyer with health and safety information.

Covid-19 Parent at Home Screening

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to me.

Thank you,

Nurse Chris


912-395-5470 Ext. 71213

Join the Ellis PTA and Support Our Community!

Please consider joining the PTA to support our Ellis community. Membership is only $7/person.

So far this school year, the PTA has done the following:

  • Held a school supply drive for our Ellis families
  • Funded the purchase of individual Montessori materials for our Primary students
  • Sponsored teachers to attend an Anti-Racist, Anti-Bias Teaching in the Montessori Classroom seminar.
  • Organized the Fall Festival Parade
  • Organized the PTA Reflections contest
  • Accepted teacher grant applications
  • Funded improvements to the playground and multi-purpose room
  • Sponsored the Read-A-Thon
  • Organized the Angel Tree for families in our Ellis community
  • Donated non-perishable food items to Emmaus House
  • Purchased Medify HEPA Air Purifier/replacement filters for classrooms
  • Supplied Nurse Chris with needed health and wellness supplies
  • And so much more!

The PTA cannot do all this without your help and support. The easiest way to show your support is simply by joining the Ellis PTA.

Visit the PTA Website.

Ellis Montessori Academy Website

Click here to view the new Charles Ellis Montessori Academy website.

SCCPSS Website

Please visit this website regularly for the most up-to-date SCCPSS District information.