To Much Sea Food

Brogan Purser

Wildlife Conservation

Have you ever heard of overfishing population? If not or if so I have a couple links to help you get an idea of what overfishing is. It has been said that overfishing has become very popular and it is very dangerous. Our fish are in danger due to how much seafood we eat and how many habitats are lost to our oceans fish. Whens the last time you went swimming? It probably took a while to "Catch a Big One" Huh?

Just keep Swimming!

Overfishing can be very dangerous because popular species can be gone with in the matter of 1 year. Thats why we need to keep the fish swimming.(:

Mo Info

Sequences of Helping Out

You can help out in any way. The main process is the manufacturing fish imports fishing in our oceans for more sea food. Every day there are many sailors who go out and fish for more seafood. "TIME IS TICKING"