Prep 2 Newsletter

SJI International Elementary, Singapore, 2nd - 6th Nov 2015

Dates to note

Tuesday 10th November- National Holiday (school closed)

Friday 13th November- Deepavali Dress Up Day

Friday 11th December- Last day of term- Early Dismissal@ 12.20 pm

Christmas Fair is on Saturday 21 November CANCELLED DUE TO HAZE

Christmas Nativity Performances

MONDAY 30TH NOVEMBER Prep 2 TGa 8.15 am start

TUESDAY 1ST DECEMBER Prep 2 RDa at 8.15 am start

WEDNESDAY 2ND DECEMBER Prep 2 AMc at 8.15 am start

Preparing for Grade 1

In preparation for going up to Grade 1, the Prep 2 Team would like to encourage parents to drop their children off at the classroom doors (or drop off point) as quickly as possible between 7:30 and 8am. As part of our Morning Meetings, we have been talking with the Prep 2 children about their growing independence in doing their own TCOB (Take Care Of Business) and getting on with morning activities as part of their morning routines. It is wonderful to see so many confident and independent Prep Twos coming into school in the morning. Thank you to our parents in advance for your help and support in this.

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IPC - Seeing the Light

In our Unit of Work this week the Prep2 children have enjoyed investigating shadows around the school.

We began by establishing what a SHADOW is and how is it made. Referring back to our Entry Point at the Blackbox Theatre, the children were able to devise a definition and explain it well. Some classes have watched the following clip from Britain’s got Talent which is certainly an example of Excellence!

In small group the children investigated and measured shadows at different times of the day. Using their i pad skills to take photographs of shadows the children then considered how we could also make the experiment FAIR. We agreed that the object we were observing making the shadows should be the same and that we would measure all shadows in the same way using a ruler or non standard measure using feet for example. Of course to make it FAIR we needed to use the same buddy each time we measured!

The children have started to upload their shadow photographs onto an app called Keynote, which is very much like a simple Power Point program. We will continue creating these slideshows next week

Some further information on shadows and how they move during the day can be seen on The Children's University of Manchester website. See link below.

Enjoy finding shadows this week end at home!!!

Science Day!!

Do you have a scientific background? Do you use science in your current job?

On Tuesday 24th November we will be hosting our very first Science Day here at SJIIES. The children across the grades will be conducting a number of exciting experiments, finding the answers to mind boggling questions and participating in numerous WOW moments. To help raise the profile of Science in school we would love some parents to come and join us on this spectacular day! You could share some presentations of how you use science in your line of work or amaze us with a favourite experiment.

If you are able to help please contact your child's class room teacher.

IPC team

Language Arts

This week's spelling focuses were on wh words and nk words. We generated a lot of words with these spelling patterns on our anchor chart. Keep a look out for these spelling patterns at home and around you this weekend!

Leading up to Christmas nativity and festivities, our CAFE strategy is Expressive Elly. This strategy is about using our voices to read aloud, reading smoothly and keeping a good pace when reading.

Our Grammar focus is Verbs - action word. We introduced this by playing a game of charades. The children had to think of an action word, act it out and the children had to guess what that action is.


We continued to work on identifying the names and values of coins and counting the value of coins.

We played a variety of games to practice identifying the value of the coins such as 'Coins on Ice cream sticks', 'Buying food with money', 'Coins in Cupcake cases' and 'Fill the jars'.

The children enjoyed playing these games with real coins and cut out coins. They were adding up the total value of the coins that they would need for each game. The children were also using their knowledge of counting in 2s, 5s & 10s to add up the total amount.

Next week, we will be looking at Ordinal Numbers.


This week we have looked at Courage.

Next week, we will be practising Truthfulness.

You are practising Truthfulness when:

  • You speak only the truth.
  • You admit it when you have made a mistake.
  • You don't let others tell you what to think.
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