History of the Cell Phone

By Megan Murphy

Cell Phones in 2000

In Japan, the first cell phone with a camera was available to be purchased. The name of this phone was a J-phone or the J-SH04 model.

Cell Phones in 2002

Sprint was the cell phone company to release the first cell phone with a camera in North America. The model of this cell phone was the Sanyo 5300.

Cell Phones in 2004

The Motorola RAZR was a flip camera phone, but the design was out of the box. It was known as a "fashion phone" because of its unique and appealing design.

Cell Phones in 2005

One of the first smartphones were created in 2005, which was the Treo 700w. This phone was able to use Microsoft software when you weren't able to get to a computer.

Cell Phones in 2007

Steve Jobs created the first iPhone. It was the first phone to have the user interface right.

Cell Phones in 2008

The HTC Dream Slider phone was the first phone to have Google Android's OS. This phone was the inspiration to many other phones.

Cell Phones in 2010

The Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone was the first phone to be considered 4G. It had many updated things on it like a very large screen and HD video recording.
Mobile Phone History and Statistics