Things I learned and did this Qt


Public speaking assingment

For the public speaking assignment we had to choose some things that we liked to do and we had to put them on a slide and share it in front of the class. Some thing I learned from this is it’s not as easy as it looks because it’s really hard to actually stand up there and speak in front of a class. And I realized myself that I depended more on my script than I needed to.

Calendar assignment

The calendar assignment was meant for us to get more organized and more responsible with keeping track of things. We had to do a fake calendar on google and put in fake dates. I learned that I hardly ever use calendar so I’m now trying to use it more.

Where I'm going assignment

For the where I’m going assignment we had to fill out some questions about what you plan to do with your life after high school like which college you plan to go to and what your job is going to be. I learned that I wanted to have a job that was somewhere in the engineering field.

Mindset assignment

Around the beginning of the 2 Qt we learned about the fixed mindset vs the growth mindset. I learned that the growth mindset is always wanting to learn more and keep trying and the fixed mindset is never tries that hard because they already know that certain thing.

Typing test

In the beginning of class we sometimes take a typing test and we just type for around 10 min and then we tell Mr.Jaeger our score. I learned that I need to boost up my score because I am a slow typer.

Motivational poster

For the poster we had to make a poster that has a picture of your favorite website that helps you in school I chose google docs because that helps me. We also had to write 5 things about it. I learned that this really helps me but I could also try some other ones.

Truth or dare assignment

The truth or dare assignment we had to fill out a sheet that asks questions about yourself and gives you a score at the end. I learned from the sheet that I was too dependent on my parents. I don’t think that's true because I don’t usually depend on them. I think it was because I put a lower score.

Peer review

before we did our public speaking assignment we had a peer review it and give advice. My peer was Aubrey and she gave good advice. I learned that having someone look it over is better than just you.

5 tips

The assignment for the 5 tips for successful students is where we had to go on a website and it gave information about how to manage time, how to study, when to study and etc. We then had to choose some tips that would be the most interesting or the most helpful to you. I learned that you should always think before you write because it takes less time.


For smart we had to watch a video that showed what SMART meant (Specific,measurable,achievable,realistic, and timely). After we had either take notes using different strategies or we had to build a project using the smart goals like I did a grappling hook gun and that met the goals.
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