New Year's Twitter Resolution

NC Teacher Voice Fellows

Social Media Objectives

We as a social media work group have discussed two objectives we would like to achieve.

  • The first short-term objective is to build a social media presence among the NC Teacher Voice Fellows.
  • The second longer-term objective is to use social media to reach a wider audience of teachers (PLN) for dissemination of the data report and data collection initiatives.

We would like to challenge you take the prerequisite steps and use this New Year's Twitter Resolution to establish your Twitter presence during the winter break. The steps in the New Year's Twitter Resolution are in order from novice to advanced users.

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Twitter Profile and Notifications

Action Item: Edit Profile Identify yourself as a NC Teacher Voice Fellow with @HopeStreetGroup in your profile description. By adding the @ you make the @HopeStreetGroup a live link, so your followers can easily access the @HopeStreetGroup twitter profile.

Action Item: Settings - Email Notifications Set up notifications to your liking. We recommend at the minimum you are notified when you are mentioned in a Tweet. You may have to enable email notifications first.

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Follow Your Legislators

Refer to the Legislative List to find your NC General Assembly representative. Search for your representatives on twitter and follow them. You may also want to follow @NCLeg.
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Tweet on Tuesday

If you do not already have a regular presence on Twitter, let's begin building one. We would like to start a #HSGEdChat Twitter Tuesday. Try to send out one education related tweet every Tuesday. Include the #HSGEdChat hashtag. The #NCed is also good to include if you want NC educators to see your tweet. Let's see those tweets next Tuesday, 12/22. The Social Media workgroup will send some sample tweets before next Tuesday.

Social Media Workgroup of the NC TVN

Feel free to email any of the members of the Social Media Work Group if you have any questions.

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Mamie Hall

Kay Pitchford

Bridget Wortman

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