Catching Fire

Will Katniss Everdeen burn or not


This book takes place in the future.where everything that we thought would happen didn't. There are no flying cars no robots to do the work and no floating houses. Every thing is at ruin and it looks horrible.Except for the capitol the capitol is where a the riches go and live they have every thing fancy and neat

objective summary

Katniss won the last hunger games with a 90% of luck she and her fellow partner, peeta had. But now the president is not so happy about her victory that he decides what's the best way to killing Katniss is to put her back in the games . So he does and it all turns around for him.

Characteristics of Katniss

Katniss is a brave, and smart girl due to her skills in hunting and killing animals in the wood at her home town. She is also creative, and challenging like when she drew a picture of rue to show them how she felt.


  • Katniss, the main protagonist
  • Peeta, Katniss love and protection
  • Haymich, Katniss tutor
  • president snow, the antagonist
  • Gale, Katniss best friend


i predict that Katniss is going to escape the arena and snow is going to hunt her down and try to kill her. Then he is going to try to kill the ones she love