Rock in Prevention

By: Abby Wissler and Rhaya Truman

Sapphire's Story

When I was younger, around 15 or so, I was bullied for the way I dressed. At the time, my parents didn't have much money, so I always wore clothing that didn't fit. They couldn't afford to buy me a new wardrobe every season. Girls would call me nasty names that I'd rather not say. There were multiple rumors about me sleeping around with guys. Was it just because my clothes were small? They knew nothing. I ended up hanging out with a bunch of guys, because they didn't care. They pressured me into smoking and drinking, I wasn't really sure if I actually enjoyed it or if I just wanted to finally be a part of something. At 17, it got much worse. I couldn't stay sober and was failing all classes. I partied all night. When teachers asked if i cared, I was emotionless. Then, my parents found out. They were as lost as I was. After a few months of them being aware of my bad habits, they found Rock in Prevention. I was able to find help and realize right from wrong. It is my senior year and I'm earning all A's and B's, I met a few girls who get me for me, and I couldn't have done this without Rock in Prevention. They taught me how to communicate with others and forget my past. I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities that I've had. My life has changed for the better.

Our Awesome Product:

What does our nonprofitable organization do, who and how does it help?

Rock has developed fun, interactive workshops which teach alcohol, tobacco and other drug prevention, bullying prevention, and character education for adolescents. All programs are evidence-based and backed up by multi-year research from Iowa State University on program outcomes. Each program also includes Classroom Follow-Up Guides and Family Follow-Up Guides, with CD's that help comprehensively reinforce the skills taught at our workshops, both at school and in the home.

How is the money spent?

You can help Rock in Prevention save the lives of young people by preventing bullying, alcohol, tobacco and other drug use, and help kids learn the skills they need to be successful in life. Your donation will help provide services and materials for schools, youth-serving agencies and community-based programs. Your contribution is tax deductible and you will receive a letter of receipt acknowledging your gift. Each donation will be matched by a Richard O. Jacobson Foundation matching challenge grant.