The Badlands National Park

By: Dena Antonisse

History of the Badlands

The park opened in 1978. Senetor Peter Norbeck and Ben Millard founded the Badlands National Park. The Badlands were formed by deposition and erosion.


I t can be as hot as 116 or it could be as cold as -40. The summers are hot and dry. Sometimes there are violent thunderstorms. The winters can have 12-24 inches of snow. June is the wettest month. December and January are the driest months. If you are going there dress in layers. Make sure to bring hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, and water.

Activities and Events

In the Badlands you can do many things. Here are a few.




-Badlands GPS Adventure

Fun Facts

-There is 244,00 acres of land in the Badlands

-It is full of prairies, untouched land, and hills/valleys

-The Badlands is the home to the black-footed ferret, one of the most endangered mammal in the world

Native Americans

The Badlands was the home to many indian tribes. They all used to for hunting grounds. The indians believed that if they did the "ghost dance" then they would be impervious to the "white man's" bullets.