A Weekly Team Newsletter 9-18-16

What we expect of our students, we will require of ourselves!

Team LUA,

Welcome to week 3 of school, and our second Monday of the school year! I am wishing everyone a POSITIVE week!

Please keep in mind that WE adults set the tone and the culture of our school. Please reread this quote http://blog.maketaketeach.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/01/Quote-Haim-Ginott.pdf. Make it a daily mantra... or twice daily for the days that are really tough.

Be proud of the work you are continuing to do! I am thankful daily for the staff we have!

Here's to a great week 3!


Ready to accept the challenge?

The first week I challenged you all to set aside a day a week to NOTICE students, to look for the good in them and their day. If you haven't yet, please give it a shot and CALL PARENTS to tell them what their child did well. The important part is to keep the conversation short and ONLY positive. Don't get involved in too much conversation that may lead to other topics and take focus off the meaning behind the call. A positive phone call may be the ONE thing that changes a life. You never know...
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Growth Mindset Friday!

Check out this infograph! (click above) I will come to your room Friday to continue our conversation about growth mindsets. I will be there at the same time I came last Friday, unless you let me know otherwise!

Give this some thought... Have a great week!

Dear Teacher: Heartfelt Advice for Teachers from Students