Planet Hitcher

By : Kevin Hitch

what star does planet Hitcher have

It has a blue star the blue star is a star that very hot star that has a lifespan of around 10 million years this means we have plenty of heat from the star
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planets orbit

Planet hitchers orbit is 75 AU away from the sun. this means our planets surface will be just right for life but we be very far away from the star
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planets mass

we have a planet mass 3 times the size of earth this means we will have plenty of resources this means we have a bigger chance of having a collision with mediators asteroids etc.


volcanoes make a difference because if you have a lot of volcanoes then you will have a lot of carbon-dioxide in the air. Also this means people have a risk of death if they are around volcanoes during an eruption.
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plate movement

Yes we do have plate movement. If we did not have plate movement that means we would not have resources like marble or diamond gold. this means contenents on our planet will slowly move
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liquid water

Yes we do have liquid water if we did not there would be no life and since we have a mass of 3 AU we will have plenty of it.
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Yes we do have Producers if we did not then it would be impossible for any life since we would have no food.
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We have 1 moon and it is called Kevinus it goes in a circle shape around the sun and it has tides like earth


we have no tilt the the one season is spring. this means plants will go extremely quick so no food shortages plus no cold


we have gravity like earth but we can jump higher but everything else is the same