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March 2017

Title I Schoolwide Plan Webinar: April 6th

In an effort to assist schools in the development of a comprehensive, compliant and effective Title I Schoolwide Plan, a new format for completing your Title I Schoolwide Program is currently available. Schools implementing a Title I Schoolwide Program will no longer complete the offline Schoolwide Plan Template. Schools can now utilize the Comprehensive Planning web application to complete a School Level Plan/School Improvement Plan in its entirety, which includes a section on your Title I Schoolwide Program.

To comply with this new format, schools implementing a Title I Schoolwide Program will complete the entire School Level Plan/School Improvement Plan along with an addendum that can be found in the Assurances>Title I Schools section. This addendum can be downloaded, completed and uploaded into the web application.

Schools may access an archived version of their addendum in the web application so that they may copy and paste the information directly into the web application.

To learn more about this new format, join members of the PA Planning Team as they discuss the new format, components, and requirements of the Title I Schoolwide Plan.
Thursday, April 6, 2017, at 9:00 am
Zoom Room:

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Literacy Symposium 2017

On Tuesday, June 13, 2017, Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 is hosting a Literacy Symposium for educators in K-8 education. The theme for the symposium is “Oh, for the Love of Reading!” The event will be held at DeSales University in Allentown, PA. The keynote speaker is Kate Roberts, author of DIY Literacy: Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor, and Independence.

If you are interested in being a break-out session presenter and would like to submit a proposal, please click here for more information.

Nonpublic Schools Principals' Breakfast: April 4th

On Tuesday, April 4th, CIU 20 will be hosting a breakfast and networking meeting for principals and administrators serving our region's nonpublic schools. The purpose of the meeting is for CIU 20 leaders to share information on the services available to our nonpublic stakeholders, including but not limited to: technology services, online teaching and learning, equitable participation, curriculum services, psychology services, counseling services, and remedial services.

If you are a nonpublic school principal or administrator and are planning on attending, please RSVP via CPE Tracker. For questions, please contact Paige Maitland at 610-515-6471 or

Nearpod in the Classroom

What is Nearpod?

Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be integrated into classroom instruction to engage students in the learning process and provide the teacher with valuable data on student progress.

Why Use Nearpod?

  • Easily create interactive lessons

  • Download ready-to-use lessons

  • Share content and lessons in real time

  • Monitor student responses

  • Anytime/anywhere learning

Nearpod is web-based and is accessible on a login basis. This means that you can access your Nearpod account through any device that connects to the internet. (

Want to learn more about Nearpod?

Join us on May 2, 2017 from 12:30 pm - 3:30 pm at Colonial Intermediate Unit 20 for a half-day workshop to learn more about using Nearpod to create interactive lessons!

Click here to learn more!

Please contact Susan Kandianis at with any questions.

CIU 20 Holds Regional STEM Design Challenge

On March 3, 2017, CIU 20 held the annual Regional STEM Design Challenge at the Monroe campus of Northampton County Community College. Thirty five teams competed in the Grade 4-5 category and thirty teams competed in the Grade 6 -8 category. Overall, 260 students were involved in this year's event.

Students in grades 4-8 are presented with a unique challenge and must accomplish this challenge by building an object using K'NEX. Teams designed and built the required object using a blueprint. At the challenge they presented a narrative report, submitted blueprints and cost sheets and built their object within a certain time limit.

This year's challenge was the following:

"Your team has been hired to create a new amusement park. However, this new amusement park is making “green” a priority. The owners are working to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer and are creating a fun family park that will inspire others to be environmentally friendly. You will need to create a ride for this new park. Your ride must represent the environmentally friendly approach that the owners are requiring."

We are pleased to announce the top finishers for the CIU 20 Regional Competition:

  • Grade 4-5 Winners:

    • First Place: Nazareth Intermediate School, Pink Emojis

    • Second Place: Northampton Area SD, Moore Elementary School, Eco Captains

    • Honorable Mention: East Stroudsburg Elementary, ESE's "Argh" Team

  • Grade 6-8 Winners:

    • First Place: St. Jane Frances de Chantal, The Holy Rollers

    • Second Place: Nazareth Intermediate School, Blue K'Nex

    • Honorable Mention: Nazareth Intermediate School, EcoFriendly Explorers

The top team in each division (grades 4-5 and grades 6-8) from the Colonial IU 20 regional competition is invited to compete in the state competition on May 19, 2017 at Harrisburg University.

ELL Networking Meeting April 18, 2017

Description: During each networking meeting, participants will experience the setting for exploring the challenges and opportunities presented by working with English Language Learners (ELLs) in inclusive school settings. We will share resources and the latest information on best practices for instruction, assessment, and creating culturally responsive learning environments for this growing segment of our community. The first meeting will include an interactive professional development component and an opportunity for participants to suggest topics for discussion and professional development throughout the series. Come to this series anticipating lively and informative exchanges focusing on improved outcomes for our students.

Click here for more details.

Project MAX: Statewide Parent Network

April 3, 2017 (9:30-11 :30 am)

Maximizing Communication and Learning for Your Child

This training will explore what is meant by ‘students with complex instructional needs.’ It will define the what, why and how of communication as well as describe Assistive Technology and Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC).

Click here for more details.

Save the Date! Principal Symposium

Wednesday, May 10th, 12:30-3:30pm

6 Danforth Rd

Easton, PA

CIU 20 Principal Symposiums are quarterly networking meetings where the region’s school leaders have an opportunity to garner important information on the latest initiatives and mandates. This time is also an opportunity for public and nonpublic school principals to collaborate by participating in a professional learning community. We discuss issues and share ideas in order to improve overall teaching and learning as well as help ease the daily stresses of this fast paced, demanding educational climate.

CPETracker members may register at

Don’t have a CPETracker account? Please fill out the NonCPETracker registration form located under the Professional Development section of our website, There will be an additional $20 administrative fee for NonCPETracker members requesting Act 48 hours. Form and applicable payment should be mailed to: CIU 20, 6 Danforth Drive, Easton, PA 18045.

You may also register for the events by contacting Stephanie Agentis at or at 610-515-6424.


CVP is Expanding Online Options for Elementary Students

We have expanded our elementary options with the addition of Odysseyware Academy through the Colonial Virtual Program. Full elementary programming for grades 3-5 and K-2 SPARK programming focused on skill building in Math and ELA.

CVP Cyber Academy Programming for 2017-2018 - Full Cyber Academy options are available for your District through a partnership with CVP. If you are considering options available to your district, CVP offers numerous course options, flexibility in programming, course customizations and support.

CVP Summer School 2017

Schools and districts are now planning for Summer School. Credit Recovery and Accelerated learning options are available.

  • Credit Recovery - Enables students to gain credits they were not successful in gaining during the traditional school year.

  • Accelerated Learning - Enables students to earn full original credits over the summer. Use these to complete prerequisites for courses offered in the district, get ahead or get on-track for graduation.

~ Both programs run in an 8 Week format

~ CVP will enroll, monitor and report grade information at the end of the session

~ Available with parent payment through the portal or district payment

If you are thinking about expanding online options for your students or would like to learn more about CVP’s flexibility and programming options please contact Renee Harris,, 610-515-6566

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