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Digital Learning at NOMS, WMS, RHS, & SHS in BISD

Richland HS HOUR OF CODE Event

Angi Magana organized a campus-wide Hour of Code event to expose all students to the world of coding. Students have choice of coding activities and are encouraged to explore the Hour of Code site for more information about the career possibilities. Volunteers from the community, the campus, the staff, and the district are facilitating the lab times.

Richland High School

Shannon HS Makerspace: Creating in the Access Point

North Oaks MS

Watauga MS

Tosh's Holiday Tech Tool Challenge!

My Challenge to You:

Please try Reflector2 and the camera function in the next three weeks and take a picture when you use it in the classroom. Go to this short Google form to submit your entry in the challenge.

My Gift to You:

I have four iTunes gift cards to give to teachers on each of my four campuses. I will showcase all challenge participants and award gift cards (chosen randomly) to one teacher on each campus. The deadline to enter the challenge drawing is December 16th (so that I have time to get the gift cards to the winners before the break.) If you have any questions about Reflector2 or the challenge, please don't hesitate to e-mail me. I look forward to seeing all of the creative ways that you use this simple digital tool!

Join in the District Twitter Challenge!

Please tweet out your responses to the daily Twitter Challenge questions and connect with educators all over BISD. The link to the questions is below. The Twitter Challenge will replace the usual Tuesday evening Twitter chats during this busy holiday month. This format should offer everyone flexibility to respond since it is a daily question and not a set time. If you have never tweeted before or if you are new to Twitter and would like support, please shoot me an e-mail and I will gladly meet up with you to answer any questions you may have.

Twitter Challenge Shout-Outs By Campus!!!

Congrats and thanks to all of you who joined in the first week of the 15-Day Twitter Challenge last week. For those of who haven't tweeted, yet, it's not too late! Look at the questions below and jump on today.

Challenge Tweeters of Glory!

North Oaks MS- Dani Webb, Dr. Koerner, Wesley Poston, Traci Ratliff, Pam Ochoa, Rachel Sanchez

Watauga MS- Travis Irish, Carla Dalton, Christine Thompson, Donna Herndon, Heather Raynsford, Sarah Strittmatter, Shannon Houston, Colleen Zitzman

Richland HS- Angi Magana, April May, Carla Rix, Carol Adcock, Gina Tallent, Cole Johnston

Shannon HS- Mary Huston, Theron Pollock, Mike Ostermeier, Janet Erlinger, Stacey Edwards, Greg Farr, Rhonda Sparks, Sally Sheppard, Marsha Brewster

Winding Down 2015...

Even with all of the PLC meetings, lesson designing, canned food collecting, and holiday celebrating going on at my campuses, teachers continue to amaze me with their willingness to push the envelope and try new technology with their students. This past very full week found many teachers implementing new digital tools in their lessons, from Fakebook for research to blogger for reader response. Exploring new ways to teach content objectives while also teaching those oft-neglected technology TEKS takes dedication, and I appreciate the many teachers who make this a priority in their rooms. I also love the support and encouragement that teachers, librarians, and support staff give to each other as everyone tries new things. ~Tosh McGaughy

Upcoming Campus Visits:

North Oaks MS- Monday 12/14

Watauga MS- Wednesday 12/9

Richland HS- Thursday 12/10

Shannon HS- Wednesday 12/9 SHS Project Innovate 3-4:30pm, Friday 12/11

*A Heads-Up: The week of 12/14-12-18 will be a slightly different schedule due to all of the different festive events around the district and on my campuses.

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