Wanted for

Making other alloys such as Brass, Solder, Prestel, Nickel Silver, Typewriter Metal, German Silver, and others but those are the most common ones


Also known as ZINK which is the German word it originated form


Has a silver color, a 65.38 atomic mass, solid at room temperature, considered a metal, and has the atomic number 30


It's built up of 30 protons, 35 neutrons, and 30 electrons

First Arresting Officer

Andres Maggrat first discover it and recognized it

Report of First Arrest

The element was discovered by heating calamine with charcoal

Last Seen

Located with the atomic number 30 and a ZN on the periodic table on earth it was found at China, Australia, Peru, Canada, and the United States

Known Associates

It is know to collaborate with Sulfied making Zinc Sulfied a combination used as a phosphor With a formula of ZnS

Warning Label

Pure Zinc is only known to have some dangerous side effects


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