School Psychology Awareness Week

Strive. Grow. Thrive.

"The question is not how to survive, but how to thrive with passion, compassion, humor and style." - Maya Angelou

Thriving through random acts of kindness

You should have found a card in your mailbox with a Random Act of Kindness on it. These cards were produced by a company called Boom Boom Cards. How do you use the card? Simply complete the act of kindness, and pass the card on to someone else to complete. The coolest part is you can go to their website (, enter the card's tracking number, and track the card online- or even upload a story or photo of your act.

If you are a teacher you should have received about 30 more paper cards with kindness acts geared toward students. Feel free to share these with your students or any kids you know to create a "ripple effect" of kindness!

How are Henrico psychologists helping students strive, grow, and thrive?

In honor of SPAW 2014, I have been collecting positive notes from all HCPS schools asking school teams what their psychologist is doing for them. Here were some of the responses:

"Our psychologist is hardworking and dedicated. She is encouraging to her coworkers and supportive of families and staff."

"Regardless of the task (RTI, Aimsweb, teacher and interventionist training, resource mapping, observing and assessing students, offering suggestions to teachers, explaining testing results to parents, or working with challenging students), our psychologist brings a level of professionalism, knowledge, dedication, and resourcefulness that we rely on."

"I could write 10,000,000 plus things about our psychologist. In her role as the psych tester she works diligently to get the whole picture of the children she is testing. She goes the extra mile and then some. Her reports are spot on and help us find the best possible setting and plan for the children who are lucky enough to spend time with her. They love her!"

Is there something I can do to help you or your students thrive?

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Wishing you a happy spaw!

Kelsey Seward