Trimesters of Pregnancy

Brianna Straws

First Trimester (months 1-3)

In the first trimester of pregnancy, the mother will have lots of cravings and will have morning sicknesses. She will also be uncomfortable and she'll have a lot of hormones. The baby will start off as a single egg and will eventually transform into a human. The baby will start growing arms and legs and its embryo will start to grow. At six weeks it will be about an inch long and it'll have no eye lids. At eight weeks it's a fetus. 2 months in, the fetus feeds off the placenta, which has lots of nutrients. The nervous system will also start to develop and the baby will start to twitch and at 11-12 weeks kick. By the end of this trimester the fetus will be about 3 inches long.

Second Trimester (months 4-6)

In the beginning of this trimester, you most likely won't be able to tell the sex of the fetus because the genitals are identical. The sex is determined at 16-20 weeks. In this stage a boy will develop his testosterone and a girl will get all her eggs she will ever have. The baby will start to have more brain control and the bones will start to harden. The eyes will start to grow closer together and there will be lots of movement like bends, twist and grasping reflex and the mother will start being aware of this movement. At 18 weeks the eyes will be normal and from 18-24 weeks the eyes will open. 5 months the baby will be 7 inches and they'll have their own finger prints. At 6 months everything is developed in the baby.

Third Trimester (months 7-9)

The mother will start being more aware of the movement and will exceed in growth. She will also be more energetic and active. She'll be past all the morning sicknesses. The baby will start to have matured sense and it'll start blinking. At 25 weeks the baby will start to develop eyelashes and at 26 weeks the baby will be sleeping 90% of the time. At this point, the mother and father will be able to hear the baby's heart beat. The heart beat of the mother can effect her baby's health. If the mother is stressed it can be passed to the baby and effect her life later on. Now, the baby will start to suck on it's thumb. It'll usually pick the same thumb and this will determine if the baby is left handed or right. The baby is now 10 inches long and its heart beat is twice as fast as its mothers. The baby will start to gain weight and start its memory. The mother will feel movement from her baby everyday.

How the Father Can Help

The father can help by planning for the baby. Also he can go to classes that will teach him and his partner how to prepare for the baby. He can make sure is partner is always relaxed and to take care of her needs.