Hurricane Katrina

By: Joe

A hurricane is a huge storm that can move up to 10-20 Mph over Open Ocean. And with winds up to 175 Mph. Hurricane Katrina was the 3rd strongest in the U.S.

How Is Canada Involved?

Canadians donated over 1 Million dollars for hurricane Katrina relief, and sent there most experienced and trained volunteers. They also built 270 shelters, and delivered over 500,000 meals each day. There donations also helped in providing food, drinking water and so on.

Louisiana getting back to normal?

Louisiana still has many shocking things that haven’t been cleared up yet. For example 37 percent of New Orleans are still asset poor. And 42 percent of children still live in poverty. FEMA sent out 80,000 debt letters in 2011. Also 65 percent of African American children are poor versus 1 percent of white children.

Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina made life tough for many people. Leaving tens of thousands stranded from destruction. Also the streets were flooded very deep. Hurricane Katrina launched the biggest house build in U.S history! Also 80% of New Orleans in under water! And thank god 80% - 90% were evacuated in time. There was only 238 deaths from Mississippi compared to 1836 from New Orleans. And more then have of all the deaths from Hurricane Katrina were senior citizens

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Hurricane Katrina: Extreme Video