Reaching the lost in Scotland

Emily Hefner

Greetings in the name of Jesus from Glasgow, Scotland

This past month has been absolutely amazing. I’ve seen God do such great things in this church, in my classmate’s lives, and my own life as well. I cannot stress this too much when I say that I am beyond happy that God has lead me to Scotland and given me such a burden for the people who live here.

Well, for starters, in the month of October, the HBC students including myself went to Belfast, Ireland to help Missionary Joe. Cooney kick start a church. After taking a train, bus, then ferry we finally made it there safely. While we were there we had a gospel concert, did outreach in the heart of Belfast, and had a great Holy Ghost party. Nine people received the gift of the Holy Ghost that weekend! Praise the Lord! The following morning, we had a great church service and God moved mightily. It was on that day that I truly felt a deep burden for Ireland. Before I came to Scotland I had no thoughts towards missions; I just didn't think that was the way God wanted me to go, but now after being here and after the mission trip to Ireland I truly think God is leading me towards long-term missions.

The next great event in October was super Sunday! ( a bi-annual children's service New Life Church Hosts). Despite the cold, windy weather we went leafleting around the local community to promote this big event. The people of Glasgow weren't very receptive to all we had to say, nevertheless, we were not intimidated by their response and continued to hand them out. On the day of the service we did not get a very large crowd, but the Lord surely had His way. there was praise and worship, games, skits, preaching and I helped organize the puppet presentation. By the end of the service one child received the gift of the Holy Ghost. I praise God for what He is doing in the children's ministry and for allowing me to be apart of it!

My favorite part of being apart of HBC is that I can be involved in practical ministries. In October we started helping out in the church more. I have done Sunday school, helped in youth, and spoke in Wednesday night Bible study. I also love being able to get to know all the visiting teachers who are either pastors from the States or Missionaries from all over Europe. It is the hardest thing to say good-bye, but it is such an honor to be able to connect with them.