D11 Academic Master Plan

December 2021 Update

What does it mean to be a D11 pathway school?

D11 pathway schools will offer special programming, in addition to the core instructional program offered at all D11 schools. For example, an elementary pathway school could be an Arts Integration school, a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) school, a Dual Language Immersion school, or an Outdoor Education school. Students at those schools will continue to engage in standards-based reading, writing, math, science, and social studies lessons, and they will also relate those lessons to their pathway throughout the school day. A lesson about place value may find students not only creating numbers to the thousands place but also creating a visual/artistic representation of the number. A reading of The Three Little Pigs may also include a design challenge to create a sturdier chair that Goldilocks won't break when she sits in it. A reading lesson may be taught in the immersion language, and students may travel outdoors to measure the impacts of erosion on their playground. Pathway schools may offer programming that begins with just a grade level or two or may include the full school. Regardless of the particular pathway, students will experience that focus throughout their school day. Additionally, D11 plans to offer transportation to families choosing a pathway school that is not in their neighborhood - more details to come!

Is your school ready to apply?

Many schools chose to send staff members on-site visits to schools to experience these types of programming options for themselves. Principals and teacher leaders are now working to share what they learned with the entire school staff, as well as with the school community. School staff will then need to consider their level of commitment to a pathway, before completing an application. Schools need to consider factors such as willingness to engage in professional learning, capacity to expand their student population, and the adaptation of current spaces in their school to meet new needs. District personnel is available to support principals and teacher leaders in facilitating these conversations with staff and families. Once a school has decided that they are ready for new instructional programs, the next step is an application process.
Big picture

Quality Neighborhood Schools

Every D11 student deserves a quality educational experience and outcomes. To ensure that we are providing that experience for every student, we are launching a workgroup to define "Quality Neighborhood Schools." This collaborative group will be adding clarity to this concept through definition, metrics, and a review and support cycle for all schools. Are you interested in sharing your voice as part of this group? Stay tuned for more information about how you can participate in this important work!

Coming Next Month

  • School/Community Updates
  • School Pathway Applications
  • Quality Neighborhood Schools Updates
  • D11 Bond Impact