Dropbox Monthly Bulletin


What's been happening?

  • Teaching Backwards is out! Thank you to those who have already written a review on AMAZON.
  • Hangouts - We have had two successful Hangouts since we met in September. Up next is the lovely Natalie Packer talking about the changes in SEN and 'catering' for all learners. Remember to switch on every 1st Wednesday of the month.
  • Thank you to all of you who have added contributions to Dropbox since we started back in September. Those of you yet to contribute, could you have a perusal through your OTI's and see if there is anything that would be beneficial to add to the growing number of resources we can share with our cohorts.
  • Do you have any 'success stories' to share with other trainers to help you get more OTI contracts? Here is one...Thank you Carmel.

"Southfield School had a very fast 7 month spring out of special measures. They had a whole school OT INSET Day followed by 2 cohorts through a intervention. The Head brought the whole two cohorts a copy of 'Engaging Learners' and 10 copies of Teaching Backwards."

  • Please email me @ wendybrown21@aol.co.uk if you have success stories we can share and any resources you would like to put in dropbox?

Safe journey's as you travel around the country. One more bulletin before Christmas.

Wendy and Steph