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Resources to help students deal with Anxiety and Stress

Anxiety is tricky, right? It can be a hard topic for you to understand, especially when you’re experiencing it and the physical effects of worry or anxiety. The physical side effect of worry or anxiety , what exactly is that you may ask. Well, here you will find resources to help you deal with worry and anxiety – it’s harder to overcome things we don’t understand, after all! Keep reading to find some of our favorite resources and activities to help you understand what anxiety and worry is.
Worry Warriors: What Exactly is Worry?
📚 Kids Book Read Aloud: WEMBERLY WORRIED by Kevin Henkes
Wilma Jean the Worry Machine read aloud by Julia Cook

Go Noodle is Awesome!

One way you can help elevate anxiety and stress is doing exercises. Go Noodle in the classroom as a teacher and as a counselor during my morning Power UP. The kids love it! The whole family can get involved!! There are so many activities from getting up and getting moving to calming and mindfulness. Try it out!!


Mindfulness Activities

Anxiety and Stress Management Resources

Sesame Street: Zach Braff and Telly are Anxious
Stress Management
Managing Stress - Brainsmart - BBC

Juana Loya- Buffalo Jones

Jennifer Armstrong-Florence Wilson

Deb Travers-Edith Scheuerman and Georgia Matthews

Karen Thornton-Victor Ornelas

Betty Palomino-Gertrude Walker and Plymell

Lupita Sotelo-Jennie Wilson and Jennie Barker

Charity Saddler-Alta Brown