MiMi's and Judy's

MiMi's This and That and The Jewelry LADY

The Jewelry LADY specializes in uniquely designed jewelry.

The Jewelry LADY was launched when I was rehabilatating at The Woodlands Healthcare Center. Ms. Veda was the inspiration for my business. At any given time you could go to Ms. Veda's room and she would be working on her necklaces. This was her purpose in life! One day I told her she needed to let me sell her jewelry at shows. She became very excited about this venture and MS. Veda's Designs was born. No matter how much pain she was in she purposed to get some necklaces ready. She said to me one day " I need to tell u something. I want you to keep all the money made from my jewelry cause it cost to set up at the shows." I told her her I was not going to do that. She refused to take money so I would have to sneak it in her drawer. This was Ms. Veda's signature personality. She was always giving and refused to recieve anything for it. She never would let me leave her room without finding something to give me. She was always calling her daughter to tell her she needed this, that, or the other because she needed it there in case someone came to visit. MS. VEDA--Gone but never forgotten!!