By Cassidy Tucker

What Is Phenylketonuria?

Phenylketonuria Is An Inherited Disorder That Raises The Level Of A Substance That Is Callled Phenylalanine In The Blood.

Is It Genetic? If Not How Does A Baby Get It?

Yes Pku Is Genetic, The Parents Of An Individual With An Autosomal Recessive Condition Carry One Copy Of The Gene.

What Are The Symptoms Of Pku?

Symptoms Include


*Delayed Development

*Behavioral Problems

*Psychiatric Disorders

*Lighter Skin Then Most Family Members

*Musty Or Mouse Like Odor

Is There A Cure For Pku?

No There Is No Cure For Pku. It Is A Genetic Disorder.The Best Treatment For Pku Is Eating Things Low In Protein And A Lot Of Vegetables.