Student Support Services Department

Roadmap - Week of 12/17/18-12/21/18

IDVA Mission - Building a community of engaged learners.

IDVA Vision - Empowering every student to learn at high level.

SSS Department Mission

Support students in increasing/maintaining academic success.

SSS Department Impact

Increase/maintain attendance (CC + progress).

SSS Department Group Agreements

  • We will be intentional in our collaborative work with school community members to address students' academic needs.
  • We will proactively identify and support students' individual needs and accomplishments.

SSS Department Kudos!

If you have kudos to share about you or a colleague, send them to Alex.


Kudos to our entire SSS Department for coming together last week and brainstorming where/how we can improve our support to maximize both mission and impact!


SSS Department Trivia

SSS Dept. Trivia Week 1 of Round 2 - Click to Answer

WHO AM I? "I was given a $100 million Dollars ;)"

Reset the Trivia Scores

After crowning the winners (Tree and Bev) during PD, we are resetting the Trivia scores.

Also, we need more trivia! Use the link below to add other items your colleagues can try to guess about you!

SSS Dept Trivia facts

Share something about you that your colleagues may not know and you would feel comfortable with them knowing. We will include this as a question in a future roadmap.

SSS Department Team Building

As discussed in PD, the group wanted to be even more purposeful to build inter-departmental connections. To that end, Lisa suggested I ask an "Ungame" question each week. Great idea.

Now I am creating a weekly Google Slides (Google version of PowerPoint). This Slide will have our weekly Ungame question. All you need to do is add a text box to the presentation and answer the question. Take a look at the picture next to this text for more instructions.

Each week I will add the previous week's Slides to the Roadmap!

If you have other ideas on how to futher build team connection, email Alex.

What instrument would you use to describe yourself?

Answer the question by adding a text box on the slide. Be sure to add your name to the answer.

Weekly Calendar, 12/17-12/21

Monday 12/17:
  • 14 days remaining in the year!

Tuesday 12/18:

  • Counselor/Advisor Group collaboration meeting, 9:30 am MST, BBC

Wednesday 12/19:

Thursday 12/20:

    Friday 12/21:

    • Advisor/FEC PLC Collaboration Meeting
    • Kelly R.'s last day! :(
    • Last day before Winter Break! Be sure to set you out of office reminder and change your voicemail.

    Departmental & School Updates

    SSS Dept. Meeting Pictures

    Lunch Time

    SSS Dept. PD Dinner

    If you have other pictures from our PD, send them to Alex

    Out of Office Email Reminder & Voicemail

    If you'd like, you can copy and paste the following Out of Office email reminder, setting it through January 7th.

    "Idaho Virtual Academy is closed for Winter Break from December 24 through January 4. I will return all emails when I return.


    Also, please update your voicemail, too. You can use the following script.

    "You have reached [NAME]. Idaho Virtual Academy is closed for Winter Break from December 24 through January 4. I will return all messages when I return. Thank you."

    Time off Request now in DocuSign - Save this link

    Moving forward, all leave requests will be completed via DocuSign. Save the below link for future time off requests. Detailed instructions attached below.


    Semester Withdrawals

    If you have families that notify you they are going to withdraw the student at the end of the semester, you can submit the withdrawal through DocuSign at any time. You must use 1/16/19 as the Last Day of Attendance on the survey – if that day is listed, we will hold the WD until after S1/Q2 grades post before we process the withdrawal. If the current day is used (or a past date), we will process those withdrawals normally.

    If you would also include a comment stating “semester withdrawal,” that would be helpful as well.

    K12 Updates

    K12 Promising Practices Conference - Proposals being accepted

    Promising Practices 2019 is just around the corner! We’re looking for the ideas and presenters to make this year’s conference another outstanding experience of peer collaboration. Proposals are now being accepted for Speaker Sessions, Workshops, and the Poster Exhibit Hall. Please share the information below with your staff. We’ve had many requests for sessions specific to FAST team roles. If you know of a specific staff member who has outstanding practices to share, please nudge them to submit a proposal.


    K12 Promising Practices Conference 2019

    February 28, 2019 (11 to 6pm EST)


    The annual K12 Promising Practices Conference is an opportunity for school practitioners to share their current evidence-based programs and activities to elevate the academic and personal development of all students.

    This year's event includes:

    • Recorded presentation by keynote speaker, Dan Meyer
    • Speaker presentations
    • Workshops
    • Asynchronous poster exhibit hall

    All sessions are led by the experts in the field: you and your colleagues!

    Submit your proposal here. We welcome proposals from both individuals and small groups.

    Selected participants will create a speaker, workshop, or poster session using the template provided to selected presenters.

    Reoccuring/Reference Info

    This section will be used for reoccurring/repeated info from previous weeks that may be needed for later reference.

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    Check out our IDVA Exhaustive Communication Goal Smore

    Remember, our goal is exhaustive communication.

    BOOKMARK THIS LINK: Family Information Change Survey

    To update address, phone numbers, etc. for students, please use this link. **All LG/LC changes go directly to Andrea Hampton (

    Roadmap Feedback

    If you have feedback on how to make this roadmap better (content, format, etc.), please give feedback.