Paredes Library Report

December 2015

2015 Scholastic Book Fair +++ Books Take You Places +++ December 7-14

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All ELA classes visited the book fair, two to four per period.

The theme of "Books Take You Places" was a coordinated effort between student library aide Jenna T. and Ms. Randolph. Book fair student crew consisted of eighth graders Elisabeth A., Uchechi A., Leah J., Esteban R., Ethan S., Brooke T., Jenna T.; seventh grader Grace H.; and sixth grader Bryan N. Special thanks go to their afternoon teachers who allowed them to come to the library to set up and take down the fair.

The beautiful window silhouettes of worldwide landmarks and of a stylized Austin skyline were created by Elisabeth A., eighth grader.

Library Usage

Circulation Statistics

With book check-out limited during the book fair, plus Winter Break (December 21-January 4), circulation was low--as it always is in December.

Total items circulated: 443

Breakdowns for type of items and type of patrons are linked below:

December 2015 Circulation Stats

Individual Students Served by the Library

353 total students were served by the library during the month of December, 2015. Again, book fair and winter break cut down on the number of students coming to the library individually.

Breakdowns for time of day and reasons for library visits are linked below.

Individual students served in December 2015

Classes Served by the Library

15 classes were served by the library during the month of December.

The following ELAR teachers came to the library for book check-out: Bowers (3 classes x 2 visits), Carpenter (3), Price (3) and Duran (3).

Closures: The Scholastic Book Fair benefiting the library was held in the library December 7-14. There was no book check-out during book fair. It was closed for one day because of the pre-holiday luncheon provided by Austin Stone Church which meets in the school.

Breakdowns for classes served by the library by date and reason for visit are linked below.

Classes Served in December

Workroom Tasks Completed by Librarian

Month of December

  • Book fair planning, coordination, and advertising
  • Created and shared "The Twelve Days of Bookmas and Techmas" electronic flyer to highlight recommended books, websites, and apps for middle grade students, teachers, and parents
  • Cataloging/Processing/Repairing of Books/Media/Equipment: 17 items
  • Continued to handle circulation of data projectors and document cameras for teachers in classrooms without innovation stations and those waiting for repairs
  • InterLibrary Loans (ILLs) Facilitated to and from Paredes Library: 2
  • Displays created: "December Is A Time To Celebrate" featured books about holidays from many cultures that occur in December
  • Coordinated with district risk management personnel regarding upcoming repairs needed because of October 30 flooding
  • Check the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts below for the library's social media presence for the month of December
  • Updated library website.

Student Aides and Parent/Community Volunteers

Student Library Aides: 5

Parent volunteer hours for December: 6

Community volunteer hours for December: 4

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