Moon Jellyfish

by Selby

Were do they live?

They are found all around the world.But they do prefer warm tropical waters, they can stand the cold but just like you and me they like warm over cold .They normally just catch currents miles and miles of just drifting. These jelly fish are not the ones you want to take home as a pet. These jelly fish has to stay in salt water they can not be in fresh waters or they will sadly die.

What do they eat ........and how

They eat whatever drifts near them.They use there short tentacles that hang down from the main body part of the body.They also normally eat small shrimp, fish eggs and microscopic plants.Moon jelly fish can change colours depending on what there eating just like flamingos they change colour on what there eating too and if a moon jellyfish eats what a flamingo eats they can tern pink too.

What do they look like?

A moon jellyfish has 4 limbs, they are the bell, oral tentacle ,gonads and bell margin. plus a mouth and two spots for eyes that equals 6.

What is a Moon Jellyfishs life cycle

In the first stage of there life cycle they start to mate and all of the baby sperms flute in the water until they land on the sand. Next those baby grow up and they have sperm eggs and they flute along the water and the last but not lest after mating seasons over they all settle down and such for food.
Big picture