What Did They Do For Texas?

Push Factors.

  1. Some Anglo-Americans left America for Texas because they wanted to have slavery.
  2. Many Anglo's came because they were in debt and wanted a new start.
  3. Texas also had very cheap land.

Pull Factors.

  1. They wanted to come to Texas because slavery is allowed.
  2. They wanted to come because Texas had very cheap land.
  3. They also wanted to come because some were in debt and wanted a new start.
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Culture of Anglo-Americans

The Anglo's were mostly Cristian. They mostly ate stake, corn, sweet potatos, peanuts, turnips, and black eyed peas.
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Significant Individuals

Henrietta Chamberlain King's Father started the first Presbyterian mission in Texas.

Did you know?

Without the Anglo's we would not be a part of the U.S. today!