Jane Goodall and the Chimps

by Alex Medina-Lara

Famous For Learning About Chimps

Jane Goodall became famous because she learned so much about chimps.For example she learned that humans are not the only animals that use tools chimps do to.She also learned that chimps express their feelings by hogging, kissing, yelling, patting on each others backs, and other ways that humans do.She also learned that chimps are one of the most intelligent species on earth.The last thing i know she leaned is that chimps eat meat and not just plants.

Jane Goodalls Childhood

When Jane was little she lived in London but she had to move because london was boomd.She moved to her grandmothers house were there was more animals and plants so she started to like nature better and chimps.

Hard Work

When Jane Goodall was about 26 years old she had to work very hard as a waitress for three months every day because she had to earn money to go to Africa because her friend asked her if she wanted to visit.She had wanted to go to Africa scene she was little because she wanted to study chimps and she was not going to wast the opportunity to go.
Jane Goodall: A Retrospective

With the Chimps

When Jane Goodall went to Africa she did not want to go back home so she got a job to look for early human fossils.after about a month of this work she found a fossil.Then her boss told her if she wanted to go to study chimps because early humans are a lot like chimps. Of course she said yes it was her dream to study chimps so she said yes.This was impotent because if she had not taken the job to study animals she would not have gotten the job to study chimps in the wild and she would not be famous and we would not know so much about chimps.
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Never Give Up

The greatest lesson i have learned from Jane Goodall is that she never gives up and is always thinking in the positive.when she was little she lived in her grandmothers house and she always believed that one day she would be studying wild chimps and well look at what happend because she never gave up on her dreams.Also she didn't think that she would never get the money to go to Africa she worked hard for three hole months on the weekends to and she got the money to go to Africa.she also never gave up because she did not learn any thing about the chimp at first she waited and waited for them to get used to her so she could get closer and learn more things and she did because of patients.
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