Phone System on site vs Hosted

What is the difference and why ?

Do you have more than 5 employees? Read on.

We know that in todays world it's Price, Price, Price !! No matter what anyone says. So let's start there because we at least know price is important. Hosted is a program that is a pay forever program. Great business model for those of you who want to throw your money away and keep throwing it away.

Now the smart money, is buying a phone system on a lease purchase with a $1 buyout so there are no surprises at the end. We use two of the largest leasing companies in the world. If you cannot pass credit we have other options as well.

We saw a prospect the other day and they couldn't decide what to do? 30 Phones and they were seriously thinking of going hosted and paying forever at $900 a month which includes their lines as well. So we showed them the math. Our solution, $700 a month and at the end of 5 years $1 buyout and now only $200 a month instead of $900 a month forever plan.m They couldn't believe what they almost were going to sign if we had not showed up to the rescue and educate them.

50% of our Current business is Replacing Existing Hosted Phone Systems ??

One Stop Shop is a full service one stop shop for all your voice and data communication needs.

1) Phone Systems

2) Choice of VoIP Phone Handsets

3) Have over 29 National companies fight for your Internet Bandwidth business.

4) One Bill, One Company, "SIMPLE"