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Black and White

This week, there is a very unusual experience in Maycomb. It's black verses white in the court.

Tom Robinson is going on trial for the rape of Mayella Ewell. The trial is taking place on Monday, August 26th, in Maycomb, Alabama. Bob Ewell, a local citizen of Maycomb, declares that he saw Tom taking advantage of his daughter Mayella on the night of August 21st.

Bob Ewell, Mayella Ewells father, states, "I came home heard Mayella screaming. I saw Tom taking advantage of my Mayella. I came in running in but Tom was ahead of me and I couldn't catch up to him."

Atticus Finch, Toms attorney, says, "Tom is a very honest and kind man. There is no way that he could have done that especially because his left arm is crippled. Mr. Ewell can not be trusted."

Finch and Ewell will go head to head on trial on August 26th. The whole town will be there to see whether Robinson is put to death, or Ewell is a liar.

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Unexpected snowstorm in Maycomb

In mid October 1934 something unexpected happened in Maycomb to upset the town.

The children still managed to have fun in the snow. Jem Finch a twelve year old boy, managed to build a snowman! "Me and my sister had a a lot of fun building our muddy snowman" said Finch. Since there wasn't much snow, the children used mud to hold it.

It was a cold week and out of nowhere started snowing for the first time in many years. Some folks said it was because of the children's bad behavior that lead to the snowstorm in October. Not much snow fell but enough for their snowman.

Supposedly the snow fall came from the children's bad behavior. Nathan Radley, Arthur Radley's older brother, said "I've seen the children misbehave a lot lately" and he is also one of the people who thinks it was the children's fault for the cold weather and snow.

Luckily tomorrow it will be sunny and warmer, so most of the snow will start to melt. For the next week it will be sunny and warmer than today with a little wind.

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Local man dead when he attacks children

The two Finch kids tell us about there terrifying experience Halloween night


On October 31st, Bob Ewell attacked Jean Louise (Scout) and Jeremy (Jem) Finch. The two siblings were walking home from a Halloween pageant when all of the sudden, a man jumps out behind them and starts attacking Jem and Scout.

Heck Tate, Sheriff of Maycomb, tells us, "Bob was running after the two kids when he must have tripped over something and fell on his knife and stabbed right in the chest, leading to his death."

Scout Finch says, "I was coming home from my Halloween pageant, when a man gets behind Jem and starts beating him. He came to stab me, but I had my hard ham costume on from my pageant which made it so he couldn't stab me. Poor Jem broke his arm, but we will be okay."

The two kids seem to be alright but we will check on them in a few weeks.

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Atticus' bravery

I would first like to thank Atticus Finch for helping save my dear Tom. It took a lot of courage for a white man to help a black man like that. If he would still be here with us I know he would thank you dearly. As for you Mr. Bob Ewell, how dare you accuse my husband of doing that! He was a much better man than you will ever be. He would never have touched your daughter, ever. You racist piece of dirt, how could he have done that to Mayella if he was crippled in his arm? I don't know either but you think its okay to say by baby did that.

Sincerely, Mrs. Robinson

The legend of Boo Radley

I have never seen Arthur Radley (Boo Radley) in my whole life and I like to see him soon! My brother, Jem and I call him Boo Radley because we have heard he does some weird stuff that I wont get into because I know everyone knows. I had a brilliant idea to give him a note through the window, but it backfired because my father caught me and said not to bother him. When it was Halloween night I never taught I was going to actually meet him for the first time. Boo saved my brother from getting killed that night by Mr. Ewell. After I met Boo, I took him and realized how he felt all this time and why he liked to stay inside. I would like to thank Boo for coming out and showing me who he is and for saving my brother.

Sincerely, Jean Louise Finch.

The Great Depression

Black Tuesday is know for October 29, 1929 when the Great Depression started and when the stock market lost all it's value. Metropolitan areas that dependent on heavy industry got hit hard and construction got stopped in a few countries.

It was very severe in the western industrialized world. Millions of Americans lost their jobs and were unemployed. The Depression started in United States and made its way around the countries.

By mid 1930s some things started to recover but not much. Some farmers suffered from the fallen crop prices and some farmers didn't even know about Great Depression because they fed themselves with what they planted.

The Great Depression lasted for ten years, from 1929 through 1939. The Depression ended at the beginning of the second Wolrd War, 12 to 15 million jobs were created because of military enlistment and defense contractors gearing up for the war efforts.

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Maycomb Carnival

COME TO MAYCOMB'S FIRST ANNUAL CARNIVAL!! The dates are April 5,6 and 7 from 11 am to 9 pm, they are the only dates until next year! There will be lots of rides, games for all ages and many booths of food to enjoy! There will also be a circus and a children's petting zoo. Free admission and 1 penny to play the midway games and rides!

Lost puppy

Friday, March 16th 1934 at 7:30pm

Maycomb, Alabama

She is a Pomeranian who is very peppy. I lost her on February 10th by the Maycomb Mall. She responds to whistling sounds. Her name is Tofu. If you find her please call me at 205-897-8678. Thank you!

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