Act 5 Scene 1

Sharon Bonsu



In this scene Balthasar, Romeo's servant, comes to give him word of what is happening in Verona. Balthasar was not sent by Friar Lawrence but he was sent by Romeo. Romeo went behind Friar Lawrence's back and decided to find his own way to be sent word from Verona. Romeo asked Balthasar to watch over Juliet and if anything happens then Batlthasar should tell him. Balthasar tells Romeo Juliet is dead because he saw her being buried in the Capulet tombs. Impetuous Romeo then decides that he will go to Verona and kill himself next to Juliet so he can be with her. To do this, he buys a potion from the Apothecary, although it is illegal in Mantua.


Glee - I can't Go for That/You make my dreams come true - Lyrics

Why I chose this song

I chose this song because as the scene opens, Romeo talks about his dream. In Romeo and Juliet dream has became a Motif. The dream Motif occurs in Mercutio's Queen Mab monologue, the first balcony scene with Romeo and Juliet and now, when Romeo is banished from Verona and now lives in Mantua. In this scene Romeo had a dream that he died, then Juliet kissed him and he came back to life and he became an emperor. Romeo feels good about this dream hoping it is true. To me this song says that Juliet makes Romeo's dreams come true.