Ground Water

By Daviyana

What Is Ground Water & what processes make water Groundwater

Groundwater is water stored below the surface. The Process is when water soaks through the ground it comes Groundwater ... Infiltration

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Porosity vs. Permeability

Porosity is the amount of space in between soil particles
Permeability is the material ability to allow fluids to pass

How it affects the presence? If Porosity is high, lots of space is between the soil. If it is low, then it is little space between the soil.

If permeability is high then water can travel through soil easily, if low then water can't travel through soil easily.

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Types Of Aquifers

Unconfined Aquifer

Confined Aquifer

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What Kind of effects can depleting our ground supply cause?

The Effects are... increase costs for user, lower water table, reduction of water in streams and lakes, lake subsidence,deterioration of water quality, earthquakes, & drought.

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