Stafford Spartan Library

Mrs. Fletcher

Teacher Cheat Sheet

Contact Information and Social Media

Student Basics

  • Open daily from 7:55-4:05. Will close for meetings.
  • Students can check out 3 books for 3 weeks at a time.

The Teacher Basics

Here are just a few of the things that I can help with:


-Book recommendations for classroom library


-Collaborative lesson planning and teaching for all subjects

-Compiling/Pulling Resources

-Digital Citizenship lessons and resources

-Locating various resources throughout the District (Interlibrary Loan)

-Minor Assistance with Technology



-Die-cut assistance

How to Reserve the Library

I try to be as transparent as possible about things going on in the library. If you want to use the library space, please use the link below and give me all the info.

PLEASE check the library calendar BEFORE submitting the form to make sure your requested date/time is available (the link to the calendar is in the form request.)

Library Reservation Calendar


All laminating will be done by myself or teachers I have trained. Out of courtesy, If you need something laminated, please give me at least a 1 day window to get it completed. I will be able to complete it same day in many cases. Please do not send something down with a student to be done immediately if possible. (There is no such thing as a laminating emergency--please plan ahead.) Most days I will get all jobs done before the end of the day. Don't forget to put your name and room number on the items you want laminated so that we can have them returned to you. I have student aides who are often able to cut things out before they are delivered--if you ever DON'T want a student to cut your items out, please let me know! Also, when it comes to lamination, please consider whether it or not it is for permanent or temporary use. Things that are just going to be thrown away do not necessarily need lamination.


We have a thermal poster machine in the back office. Because of the cost of the paper I prefer to make most of the posters myself, though some of the more senior staff have been trained to make them and that is fine. Please know that we have TWO kinds of paper--the kind that CAN be laminated (for permanent use) and the less expensive version that cannot. Please be judicious in what you make into posters--if you intend to use it for more than 1 year I would recommend the permanent use paper so that it lasts you for a while. We have a variety of colors for your poster needs--stop in and I'd be happy to show you!

Library Before and After School

Before and after school, the library is a place for the students to work, read, or collaborate quietly. Many times students need a safe place to just be, and that is what I am here for. They will be able to use devices in here for research, reading, and games.

Bringing Your Class to the Library

Remember that I am a teacher and a librarian and I would love to collaborate and co-teach with all subjects. Whether you are bringing the students here to check out books, or for a lesson, here are just a few things to "BE":

Teacher "BE's" for the Library

Be Actively Involved

Be a Model

Be Present

Be Professional

Be a Reader (Teachers can check out books, too!)