The Deans' Digest

Week of 3/21-3/24

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Click here for a link to the PARCC schedule. We begin testing on Tuesday 4/5. Note the schedule changes and adjust plans accordingly. We've also been informed by RIDE that the state will be coming to observe our test administration. FYI!

The Week Ahead...

3/21--Department Meetings--postponed due to snow day

3/23--MTSS Target Team (on campus) meeting , Differentiation Part II 3:00 in room 416, AND, Walkathon planning committee meeting at 4.

3/25--Good Friday, no school

Hickey's Headlines

Quiet week ahead compared to the last couple of weeks! Thanks for dealing with all of the craziness.

Looking ahead - Sophomore Arts Night is March 31.

Have a good week!


Murphy's Memo

New IDEA cycle begins today! Please direct students to check the doors to the cafe if they are unsure where to go.

***Students who did not select an enrichment should be sent to Mrs. Murphy and those who are unhappy or wish to switch should email Mrs. Murphy.***

However, I will be out of the building on Tues attending the Health Career Fair at NE Tech with students and again on Thurs attending GRRL Tech at URI. Lists of attendees were sent via google docs.

The field trip for juniors only on Monday March 28th will have a finalized list of students attending sent out Tues afternoon. This an all day trip leaving before the start of school and returning after the end of the school day.

March 31st marks the end of Quarter 3. Pass the word, grades will be expected to be finalized no later than Wed April 6th. Parent-Teacher conferences are on April 7th so the sooner the better with finalizing grades.

If you have parents you wish to see for parent-teacher, please let me know ASAP so I can work on getting those parents in.

Differentiation Depot

Survey Results

Meghan Leeming asked her students to complete this survey after a "choice" lesson for Differentiated Instruction. Despite their silly comments, it's clear they appreciate having a choice!

Differentiation in Visual Arts

In many assignments in visual, choice is inherent. Students are asked to pick subjects that work for them, or have a significance to them, or at the very least appeal to their aesthetic sensibility. Also when evaluating during formative assessment, students are instructed on a one on one basis during individual developmental critiques. Their choices in their work are personal, the technical components are handled student by student differentiating individually. This process is inherent in the Visual classroom. On a daily basis, students are critiqued, and critiquing each other. They are advised in proper technique, but techniques are modified for each student to their capability. I strive to find the challenge for every student. That is to say, I want to push them past what they think they can do by having them reach outside of their comfort zones.

~Jason LeClair