All about Henry Mauricio

by: Henry Mauricio

8 things I like

1.I like the colors red,blue,and black.

2.Like to play soccer and football.

3.Like to listen to music mostly EDM.

4.I like Salvadorian food.

5 Like to play video games.

6.Like to watch action or comedy movies.

7. I Like to compete vs. people.

8.I have a interest in biology.

My most embarrassing moment

My most embarrassing moment was back when I was in 6th grade,during recess me and some friends were playing a casual game of soccer one of them kicked ball pretty hard it landed near a little ditch filled with water,I was impatient and ran for the ball I recovered the ball then a few steps later I fell in the ditch I quickly got back up but the back side of my pants was soaking wet from the water most my friends laughed but that didn't bother me the thing that bothered me was recess time was over and I had to walk to the nurses office meaning most of my classmates from the same hall way watched me walk soaked pants.

Three pictures about me

Three weird questions people asked.

1.Are you Hispanic or White?

2.Why do you like EDM?

3.Why do you always wear converse?