GT Learners

Social and Emotional Needs

Types of Gifted Learners

1- Successful

2 - Challenging

3 - Underground

4 - Dropout

5 - Double Labeled

6 - Autonomous

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It is healthy for GT students to strive for excellence but becomes detrimental if it gets to the point of needing to be perfect. Students begin to receive no satisfaction and become overly

self-critical which in turn affects their self esteem.

Perfectionists may often be:

- Critical of others

- Afraid of mistakes

- Afraid of their weaknesses

- Compulsive planners

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Humor in the Classroom

It is very important for teachers to use humor in the classroom with their students. Here are some reasons why it is beneficial:

- Using humor with GT students can put them in a good mood and therefore increase their chance to use ideas in a new and creative way.

- Laughter will lower stress which will help GT students cope in stressful situations.

- Laughing at yourself as the teacher will allow kids to see we all make mistakes and that is okay.

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What can teachers do to help?

Make sure students understand:

- Everyone makes mistakes

- The classroom is friendly, safe and inviting

- Each student will be challenged

- They have the right to express themselves

- The importance of taking risks

- It is okay to be different and stand-out

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