Large Animal Veterinarians

By: Jennifer Burns


Large animal vets treat and diagnose a number of illnesses found in a variety of livestock. Some responsibilities of a large animal vet includes cleaning wounds, giving vaccinations, and also giving routine or pre-purchase exams. Large Animal veterinarians also have to advise animal owners on sanitation, feeding ,and treatment options.


Large animal vets need to have a positive and calm personality. Large animal vets should be able to handle stressful situations of all kinds ,because you being a vet you never know what might happen.


Large animal vets need to take undergraduate classes in chemistry, biology, nutrition etc. Then you should attend a veterinary school , as of right now there are approximatley 28 to choose from in the U.S. During vet school you must take extra classes that deal with livestock. For example take classes that deal with equine and bovine health. Once you finish vet school you have to take a test for each state you want to practice in ,so you will have a registered vet license. Then you can practice wherever you want and make the decesion of having a office or being mobile.

Work Setting

Being a large animal vet you won't ever know exactly what hours you scheduled to work. A animal emergency could happen at any moment and you could be called in at any time. Large animal vets should be prepared to work in any weather at any given moment.


The entry level salary for all veterinarians is $46,605 and the salary for highly experienced vets is $85,388. The more knowledgable and experienced you are the higher salary you can predict to have.


According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics there is a high demand for veterinarians dealing with large animals. The veterinary profession is expected to increase by 33% from 2008 to 2018.

Personal Assessment

I think this occupation fits me because I enjoy being outside all day. I believe I would also enjoy being able to drive to different location for different patients ,because I enjoy traveling. I also like being around different types of animals especially equine or bovine patients.