Where the Mediterranean Climate is Located

Mediterranean climate is all over the world. Mediterranean climate does not matter what latitude. The Mediterranean is mostly found off the coast of the Mediterranean sea.

Average Tempertures

The average temperature through out the year is about 1o degrees C or 54 degrees F.


The Mediterranean climate is hot and dry in the summer and winters are mild and somewhat wet. The summers are a nice temperature for tourist .

Some pictures of the plant life

Why the Mediterranean climate attracts tourist

The Mediterranean climate is a popular climate for tourist because it is mostly warm.

Another thing is that California is mostly made up of the Mediterranean climate.


There is a lot of animals that live in or near the Mediterranean climate mostly cause of the resources that the plants and animals need to survive.


Precipitation comes regularly through out the year. Mainly in the winter.

Shaping Life: The Geology of Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems

Written by

Trevor Brennan and Andy Reisen