Social Studies

Civics & Governance (9th-12th)

Extended Essential Standard

EX.CE.C&G.4.1 Explain the meaning of various American symbols/traditions (i.e., flag, eagle, anthem, pledge, monuments, Independence Day).

Secondary Education Resources

National Anthems

United States of America: The Star-Spangled Banner by National Anthems

Why These Resources?

Importance of Picture Book Instruction

  • Illustrations help students to comprehend text regardless of their reading level
  • Reduce the pressure of language while allowing students to focus on content
  • Shorter texts can be completed in one sitting and provide student with sense of accomplishment
  • Illustrations provide a mental model/image for the students to reference throughout the content instruction and beyond

Video Clip - Multimedia

The short video clip that I have included allows students the chance to listen to and watch the American symbols take shape right before their eyes. In a society that is rapidly becoming technology centered, where students spend more time watching television, playing video games and surfing the internet, the inclusion of a video clip taps directly into their conditioned preference for media.

Visual/Tactile Learning

My inclusion of the patriotic symbols set directly connects to the need that many students have for visual and tactile learning experiences. The students will not only recognize the images and pictures from the previous resources that were presented, but will be able to use those resources as a reference to self-check their accuracy in correctly matching the images to their labels.


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