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Purchase different colors and paint jobs for your hoverboard

Our stores sell the only hoverboards available to the public!

Our hoverboards are eco-friendly, too! Running on electricity, not fossil fuels! We warn that the hoverboards should not go above 10 yards from the ground or any other flooring unless you are experienced. Any injuries related to our hoverboards such as broken limbs, heart conditions, obesity, and blindness are not at all related to us and unable to be sued.

Come to our store to buy your own custom hoverboard!

Speed around at a whooping 30 mph! Use at your own safety helmet included and battery charger. Product can last for 5 consecutive hours before powering down and needing to recharge. Costs 250.00 at participating retailers.

We have stores in Boston, Atlanta, San Francisco, San Diego, Miami, New York, Quahog, Oklahoma City, Chicago, and Savannah! More stores opening in more rural areas in later 2015.

We have stores in most major cities in the U.S.! Stores will open in other countries such as Brazil, Russia, Australia, and Canada later this year.