The Immigration Debate

Obama vs Congress

What is immigration?

Immigration is the act of someone moving from one country to another.

Foreign Policy

What is it and how is it going to be changed?

Foreign Policy is the government's way of dealing with other countries including the topic of immigration. ("Foreign Policy | Political Science") President Obama wants to change the policy to make illegal immigrants to be deported back to their original countries. (Smith)

My Arguement

What I Think About Obama's Act

I belive that what Obama is doing but not completely. I do not think it is fair that more than half of the illegal immigrants get to stay in the U.S. What makes them different from the other 5 million people? I believe that the president's action is a good thing to do, but it's not fair for 5 million have to leave when 6 million don't have to, it's not fair. (Smith)