A Sweet Farewell, My Lynn!!


I can't believe summer is only three weeks away! Here's for the final push... I had so much fun getting to know you all and making waffles for all of you. Lynn Collegium is definitely one of my most favorite places here in the campus, and I met a lot of great group of people here.

For all the Sophomores, good luck for Junior year and make sure to stop by next year to say Hi :) For the Freshman, be nice to the upcoming Freshman next year OK?!?

Anyway, these past three months have been so great and I can't wait to see you again after summer. Good luck for Finals and Have a great summer!!


This year was a whirlwind of potlucks, movies and many Blitz and Hearts games. The Lynn has always been my second home. Everyone is so friendly, always calling out hellos or goodbyes, inviting people to get food from QFC or putting off homework for a long game of foosball. So many hours wasted watching Buzzfeed videos or intense conversations about the random topics. Homework is rarely done at the Lynn, not that that’s a bad thing! Working at the Lynn was an amazing experience full of laughter, stories and paper cranes and stars! Thanks guys for making them!

To the freshman, continue making the Lynn a warm and welcoming place for the future freshman. Set an example and remind them college isn’t just about getting your homework done. Make those connections! To the sophomores, you’re halfway there! I know moving from the Lynn to Reidy will be different but it’s a new journey! Only two more years, you can do it! I did. For everyone, maintain a good school-work-life balance. Don’t stress out too much and enjoy the journey. Four years is a short amount of time. Everyone, thank you for the wonderful last year at SU. Being at the Lynn has seriously kept me sane. Don’t be a stranger and friend me on Facebook! I’ll try to visit next year! Good luck!


(Mama) Kim


Spring Quarter is almost over! I cannot believe that we only have two weeks left. Where did this quarter go?! It honestly went by so fast but I am also excited because that means SUMMER! Being a CCL this quarter has probably been one of the best experiences I have had at SU. I have not really been involved and this really let me see what being a SU student is really about. I cannot wait until next year to meet the new freshman! This quarter I already knew most members at the Lynn but next year I get to make all new connections which I am very excited for.

This year has been a rollercoaster to say the least and I am very proud that we have all made it this far. College is not easy by any means but having this sense of community really makes me feel at home. See you all next year! Have a great summer!



It’s amazing how fast this quarter went by! Thank you Lynn members for welcoming me and for making this Spring wonderful. We have a few more weeks together to laugh and play, and then summer.

I’m seriously going to miss seeing the sophomores who are leaving for the Reidy, but hopefully we will still run into each other. I wish you luck for your junior year and hope you will continue to have fun and make connections at the Reidy. And CONGRATULATIONS Freshman for surviving your first year!! I have no doubt in my mind that you’ll continue the tradition of making the Lynn an amazing place to join.

Have a great summer everyone and see ya next year!